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Welcome! My name is Chris Stuart, and I'm a Civil Celebrant. A Civil Celebrant is someone who leads funeral services - but my role is about much more than that. 

I meet with families and work closely with them to design a unique funeral service that honours and celebrates the life of their loved ones. Every service is unique, because every human being is unique. 

But I'm not just there to plan and lead the funeral. I can, if required, offer pastoral care and support not just in the days leading up to the funeral, but in the weeks and months that follow. 

I'm not attached to a particular religion or denomination. I am happy to plan and lead worship for a wide variety of beliefs: from atheists and agnostics right across the spectrum to those who would describe themselves as having a Christian faith, but who don't wish to identify with a particular denomination (Church of England, Roman Catholic etc.). 

 Whatever the person's background or beliefs, the heart of what I do remains the same: providing A Warm, Compassionate Service, Tailored to Your Needs.

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What I Do

How I work with you to put together a funeral service that reflects the spirit of your loved one

What Happens at the Funeral

A quick overview of how the funeral service works


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Personalising the Funeral

A selection of ways in which you can make your loved one's funeral more meaningful and personal